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We invite you to look around our site. What you will quickly notice is what is missing – all the coupons for free exams or cheesy gimmicks to try to manipulate you to come into our office.

What we have provided on our website is simply the information you need to know about us in order to make an informed decision about your (or your child’s) body and health. Please read through the information we have presented, and if this is something you are interested in, call us to schedule your complementary consultation.

Our complementary consultation is a conversation, not a commitment. Why do we do this? Because not every potential patient is right for our services, and it’s only fair for you and our doctor to sit down and just talk.

If you are looking for a unique approach that offers a real, tangible solution – please read on and then contact us with any questions. We would be happy to hear from you. A great place to begin reading on our website is here.

Thank you for stopping by our site.

– Dr. Jason Slagel and the Structural Spinal Care Team

Meet Our Doctor

Dr. Jason Slagel

Hi, I’m Dr. Jason Slagel

First, let me say welcome! Thank you for visiting our site, we appreciate you being here.
Let me tell you a little about myself.

As a kid I always wanted to be some kind of a doctor. I was a true nerd, fascinated with everything involving science, especially entomology, anatomy, and biology. In high school, after a sports injury, I had my first experience with chiropractic and I was surprised how big of a difference that chiropractor made for me. This experience led me to chiropractic school where I found my true passion in a particular type of chiropractic called “structural” chiropractic, which is what I do at my office now.

Outside of the office you will find me playing with my two little boys (Trip is 2 and Jett is 1), listening to podcasts (when you come in, I’d love hear about your favorites!), and taking walks and going on dates with Debbie, my beautiful wife of 10 years. Also, weirdly enough I really enjoy grocery shopping. Costco is my heaven on earth.

My goal here at Structural Spinal Care is to provide the highest quality permanent solution for people who are in pain or simply feel that their body can perform better. What attracted me to “structural” chiropractic was the ability to help everyone from people with new problems to people who feel like they’ve tried everything else. I truly love what I do and it makes me so happy to help people and see them get better. If you decide we are the right place for you, it would be an honor to take care of you here at Structural Spinal Care.


 - Adults


When you have an accident, injury, or birth trauma, this can damage the connective tissue in the head and neck. This damage forces the head and neck to shift out of proper positioning. We call this a Structural Shift.

 - Babies


Please read the “Quick Version” page first before reading this section about babies. The “Quick Version” will give you a good basic understanding of Structural Shifts and Structural Correction, which will help in your understanding of what happens with babies in particular here at Structural Spinal Care.


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