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Going beyond traditional chiropractic techniques, Dr. Jason Slagel is one of the small number of qualified practitioners of the NUCCA technique. Developed over more than 5 decades of clinical observations and research by the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA), this set of procedures is targeted to reduce pain and suffering. The core of Dr. Slagel’s work is centered around balancing the upper cervical spine utilizing the latest diagnostic tools and technology. Come in for a complimentary consultation by requesting an appointment today!

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Stemming from a love of science and healing, Dr. Slagel works to soothe and correct misalignments in the spine with precise, non-invasive spinal adjusting techniques.

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Equipped with the latest, state-of-art diagnostic tools and technology.

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Complimentary consultations are available! Sit down with Dr. Slagel to discuss any spinal ailments or injuries. Explore how “The Difference” can improve your pain and discomfort today!

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Our practice was founded to provide world-class care to patients in need.

Cutting-edge, gentle scientific care for the most common modern stresses and ailments. No needles, medications, or invasive procedures!

Evidence-based, non-invasive treatment to stimulate your immune system and alleviate pain and inflammation. FDA-approved for 14 different conditions.

Licensed and board certified, our specialty is NUCCA chiropractic. Precisely measuring posture, we correct structural imbalances using  extremely gentle and painless adjustments: no twisting, cracking or popping.

Informed by the latest research, Structural Spinal Care adds to traditional treatments with painless, but more enduring, procedures.

Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Jason Slagel is a licensed and board-certified structural chiropractor specializing in a set of methods and procedures known as NUCCA, named after the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. Dr. Slagel is one of only 250 NUCCA doctors across the world. This means you’re receiving treatment informed by all the traditional chiropractic training, but with additional studies and research into NUCCA techniques and practices. This results in more complete care with a goal of permanent relief.

“Welcome to our practice! I had my first experience with chiropractic medicine as a patient. After suffering a high-school sports injury, I was amazed by the difference good chiropractic treatment made on my path to recovery and I’ve dedicated my life since then to provide the same kind of world-class care to patients in need.”

Dr. Jason Slagel,

Founder of Structural Spinal Care

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The Difference

What makes us different? Structural Spinal Care is not just a traditional chiropractic. Our focus is on long-term results and permanent solutions utilizing NUCCA procedures and techniques.

Traditional Chiropractic

What They Do

  • Focus on improving range of motion using high velocity thrusts into the spine
  • May include handheld adjusting tools, therapies and other modalities
  • Temporarily relieves tension and increases joint motion
  • Classified as symptom management due to need for constant return visits
  • Although motion of the spine is improved, the structure has not been corrected to its normal position; gravity causes fixations of the spine and symptoms to reoccur when in this abnormal structural position

Structural Spinal Care

What We Do

  • Use specific adjustments as determined from digital imaging; no cracking, popping or twisting of the body—our adjustments are painless
  • Measurements made before and after the adjustment to ensure spine has been corrected
  • Immediately correct muscle tone from left to right which naturally allows normal motion and reduces pain
  • Long-term results due to structural position being corrected towards direction of gravity’s force
  • Once in normal structural position, damaged tissue normalizes and symptoms begin to fade permanently

How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps

When you sit in a chamber, air is pressurized. Without pressure, most of the oxygen you breathe is exhaled back out again. Pressurization pushes much needed oxygen deep into the body promoting homeostasis and healing.

How Hyperbaric Chambers Work

Typically, red blood cells are solely responsible for distributing oxygen from the lungs to the body. Blood is said to be 100% oxygenated when every red blood cell carries oxygen. By pressurizing the air you breathe, oxygen is dissolved directly into the blood plasma leading to blood oxygenation of up to 400%! This is hugely beneficial to the “hypoxic” areas of the body having problems healing due to low red blood cell supply. Oxygenated plasma increases the oxygen available even in limited supplies of blood!

Increased oxygen easily diffuses to every cell in the body leading to exciting results:

  1. Hypoxic areas healing in a way they couldn’t before.
  2. More fuel for mitochondria to produce extra energy to use towards healing.
  3. New blood vessels form as tissues heal (angiogenesis) improving blood supply and greatly reducing the chance of recurrence of previous conditions
  4. Increased oxygen in the cerebral spinal fluid improving healing in the brain and spine

The Results of Hyperbaric Medicine

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy boosts energy production in the body, allows many areas of the body to heal simultaneously, and keeps inflammation in check. Conditions that see great improvement with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy fall into one of four categories:





Why Patients Trust Us

Structural Spinal Care was founded to provide world-class care to patients in need. Informed by the latest research, Structural Spinal Care adds to the traditional chiropractic treatments with painless, but more enduring, procedures.

High Quality Diagnostics

We use tools like anatometers and X-rays to accurately measure standing posture and find any structural imbalances

Unmatched Expertise

Dr. Slagel is licensed, board certified, and affiliated with a number of organizations including NUCCA and NBCE

Precise Result

Follow-up analyses determine progress & ensure proper correction and alignments

Qualified Care

Every treatment plan is customized for the specific patient

Conditions We Treat

Come in for a complimentary consultation if you are experiencing pain from any of the conditions below.

Keep up with the latest with The Shift with Dr. Slagel. Listen here or subscribe from any of the popular podcast apps.

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Read our reviews and find out why our patients swear by us. We’re proud of our high rating because it speaks to the quality of care you’ll receive at Structural Spinal Care.


Dan Gossett

“Dr. Jason has such a unique approach to chiropractic…. His goal is to fully heal the root problem, not just adjust the symptoms. You will definitely feel better after going through his program! Highly recommend!”

“In one session Dr. Slagel completely changed my life and gave me my mobility back... His chiropractic approach will not be like anything you’ve ever experienced but you will have the relief you are looking for, that much I promise. It was so amazing to find a true healer who isn’t playing games... The day I left his treatment, even my appearance changed. Thank you so much 😭
Brittany Strait
Makeup Artist
“I suffer from miserable tension headaches for many years. All my headaches have been gone since Dr. Slagel did an adjustment on my C1... Nucca involves intense X-raying that is not even done by most neck surgeons, I believe. I truly believe Dr. Slagel cured me. He addressed the underlying cause and not the symptoms.”
Barry Brodsky
“The first few adjustments I already felt a difference in my sleep. I was sleeping longer without waking up in the middle of the night with discomfort. In my last check up he asked me about my numbing legs and neck and I completely forgot about them! The pain had been gone for a while and I haven't even thought about it... I wake up with less anxiety and depression because I feel great!”
Pauline Ramos
Store Manager

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