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Why I Need X-rays and Traditional Chiropractors Don’t

X-rays measure the spine’s Positioning. They are a snapshot of how the bones in the patient’s spine are
Positioned or Aligned. They do not show Motion, so it is inappropriate for a traditional chiropractor to
say that they use the x-rays to help them know how to Mobilize the joints in the spine. It makes no
I need to take x-rays in order to measure the spine’s positioning so that I can calculate the exact angle to
correct the problem. I correct the problem without any twisting/cracking/popping since my goal is not
Mobilizing. The correction that I do feels like I’m taking your pulse. Very gentle. After I correct the
positioning, I take the exact same x-rays again after the first correction

How Do I Hold The Adjustment?

The NUCCA adjustment requires incredibly light pressure. The specificity from our measurements, the anatomy around the Atlas bone, and the skill level of the adjuster allows for this to be the case. This can sometimes be a difficult thing for a new patient to wrap their mind around. We often hear questions like, “with such a gentle adjustment, how can I expect it to stay there? You barely even touched me, what is going to keep me from losing my correction? What is going to stop me from going right back out of alignment?”

Why We Don’t Twist, Crack or Pop

Almost all things work best when they are done in a particular order. When you go out of that order with most things, then they either don’t work as well, or it don’t work at all. Some easy quick examples: you poop and then you wipe. If you go in the opposite order, you are in trouble. A less gross example is if you shower and then you dry you are good to go. But if you dry off and then you shower it just doesn’t work well. A final example is tying your shoes. If you type your laces in a particular way, and a particular order, then your shoes stay tied and you don’t get knots in them.