I’ve had a fantastic experience with Dr. Schlagel over the past year. From having pretty severe scoliosis for a 32 year old just a year ago to not having any pain or soreness and feeling great every day now! He truly cares for his patients and their improvement to live a healthier life.

Kyle L.

Dr. Slagel is the best chiropractor. He takes the time to care for you and is very detailed in explaining the misalignments. He listens to you so that he can do what he needs to do to make you feel better. I would definitely recommend him. If you have never had chiropractic care he is the one for you.

Lorie L.

Dr. Slagel is a very caring caring and dedicated chiropractor. He is genuine and skilled at helping to alleviate spinal issues. I highly recommend him!

Becky S.

Dr. Slagel is a very kind and caring chiropractor. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains things in a way that is understandable. This type of chiropractic care has made a huge difference in helping me become more flexible and managing my pain.

Sheri B.

Dr. Slagel does an amazing job and has a great personality and bedside manner. When I first started seeing him there were times I couldn’t even walk due to the sharp pain in my back. I saw two spinal doctors one after the other that told me there was nothing they could do but surgery later in my life. Then I met Dr. Slagel and after seeing him for just a few months I had major improvement in my back function and now those sharp shooting pains are no longer relevant in my life!

Amber H.

Dr. Slagel is very good at what he does! He is very thorough and he does a good job explaining his treatment and what to expect. My headaches and neck pain quickly resolved after a few short visits with him. I appreciate his whole body approach and I learned a lot about my body’s alignment and my overall health from working with him. I highly recommend Dr. Slagel!

Katlyn E.

Dr. Slagel is definitely a chiropractor that pays attention to detail. Every visit he carefully checked my kiddos using different strategies to make sure he didn’t miss anything. He’s super approachable, great at explaining things and my kids looked forward to going in to visit him for their appointments. It’s great knowing we have a chiropractor who is passionate for what he does and cares for our kids, not only as patients, but as individuals…providing the best spinal care for them possible.

Kelly B.

Dr Slagel is amazing! My 16 year old daughter had chronic knee pain for 4 years. I took my daughter to a traditional chiropractor, he confirmed one leg was shorter then the other, he recommended an insert for her shoes. I went to Dr Slagel for a second opinion and he confirmed it as well, he adjusted her atlas in 45 minutes and she walked out of the office with both legs the same length. His knowledge and care is genuine. He is straight forward and such an incredible guy. I have used his services for myself and even had him look over all my children. If you care about your body, know that he is the best to help you heal it too!

Diana R.

Got in a car accident 20 years ago and have been to several chiropractors throughout the years. Got some relief, but the neck pain always came back. NUCCA and Dr Slagel are awesome! Pain in the neck is finally gone. His work is different, no popping and cracking-very gentle and it really works. My husband and three children have all benefited from seeing him. My husband and one daughter both had migraines before they saw him. They haven’t had one in a year now. These migraines were so bad they would sometimes vomit and lay in bed all day. So grateful for Dr Slagel.

Luana A.

I was getting severe migraines, a few times a month-throwing up and laying in bed all day. Haven’t had a migraine in over a year now thanks to Dr Slagel. I also don’t have lower back pain anymore. A great experience overall.

Glenn H.

Dr. Slagel adjusted my son when he was almost 2 months old. My son had been having a lot of trouble latching and nursing correctly and was also having to nurse for long periods of time to be satisfied. He was also not very content for very long periods of time in between feedings if he wasn’t being held. The other issue was he had a tear duct that had been clogged since shortly after birth. After Dr. Slagel adjusted my son I noticed a huge difference in him. Almost right away his clogged tear duct cleared up and hasn’t had issues since. Also he started nursing much better and not have to nurse for as long because he was able to suck correctly and get more milk. Another thing that improved was he started to be much more content and happier between feedings for longer periods of time and was just a much happier baby in general. The difference I saw after the adjustment was incredible and I am so thankful that I had him adjusted. The other bonus is that he only had to be adjusted the one time. After Dr. Slagel got him into alignment he has stayed that way. He has been checked intermittently by Dr. Slagel and has been in alignment every time. My son just turned one a couples weeks ago and is still doing great! Dr. Slagel is very good at what he does and makes sure everything is done correctly for the best results for his patients. I would highly recommend him!

Rebecca H.

I took my 14 month old daughter to Dr. Slagel because she was still spitting up regularly. Dr. Slagel was able to correct her hiatal hernia within a few sessions. She has since been able to go off her reflux medication and has only spit up a couple of times in the last 3 months!! Dr. Slagel did a follow up and her hernia is completely corrected. He was great with my daughter and did a wonderful job explaining everything to me and answered all of my questions.

Nicole B.

Dr. Slagel has made an incredible difference in my quality of life! When I found him, I couldn’t even stand up straight and was suffering from daily headaches, aches, and pains. He got to the root of the problem and worked to make sure my alignment is perfect. Dr. Slagel is very patient and you know that he truly enjoys what he does! I highly recommend Dr. Slagel!

Amy G.