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Dr. Jason Slagel

The Shift with Dr. Slagel podcast is the place to begin understanding spinal health and the human body in general. As the official Structural Spinal Care podcast, The Shift explores common health misconceptions frequently heard at our practice. Episodes are designed to be short and each covers one thought, concept, or idea that is frequently misunderstood or misrepresented by the general population. You’ll hear how each person can take the logical steps forward in their health progression from an informed perspective.

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Ep. 18: Traditional Chiropractic vs. NUCCA

Dr. Slagel explains the difference between traditional chiropractors (twist/crack/pop) vs. what he does.

Ep. 17: Solfeggio Frequencies

Dr. Slagel explains an interesting and unique feature of Structural Spinal Care’s “resting room.”

Ep. 16: Diet vs. Absorption

Dr. Slagel explains the misconception that our bodies absorb the nutrients we eat.

Ep. 15: Empiricism

Dr. Slagel explains how science depends on empiricism, which may be very problematic.

Ep. 14: Five Senses - Taste

Dr. Slagel reveals the strange truth about taste.

Ep. 13: Five Senses - Smell

Dr. Slagel explains the sense of smell and some strange things about it.

Ep. 12: Five Senses - Hearing

Dr. Slagel explains this weird sense, how it works, and the correct answer to…

Ep. 11: Five Senses - Sight

Dr. Slagel explains how sight works and why it is way weirder than you think.

Ep. 10: Five Senses - Touch

Dr. Slagel starts off a new series on the five human senses, starting with touch.

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